Noblegen is an advanced ingredients company that produces protein, oil and beta-glucan ingredients for the healthy living industry. Harvested from an ancient, non-GMO microorganism, their ingredients are naturally nutritious and offer a range of functional benefits in baked goods, beverages, bars, dietary supplements and more.

Using a proprietary fermentation method, they naturally grow ancient microorganism culture without unnecessary chemicals, pesticides or processing. The result is real, allergen free, and fully customized ingredients you can trust. With a purpose to create a healthier and cleaner world, Noblegen’s advanced ingredient solutions are redefining the future of nutrition.

Our system of animated patterns throughout the site are stylized versions of real science and scientific outputs from Noblegen's processes and research. This includes styalized illustrations of Mitochondria, Paramylon Granules, Phylogenetic Tree, Peptide Synthesis, Chemical Structures, Gravitaxis/phototaxis, Chloroplast D Iagrams, Pellicle Protein, Metabolic Pathways, Paramylon Chemical Structure and Chloroplast.

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